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Take control of your data

Memri is an open-source privacy project that empowers you to take full control over your data. With Memri, you can store and manage your data — social media, emails, notes, photos and more — in a secure, encrypted environment. No one has the keys but you!

Get rid of digital addictions

As your digital assistant Memri uses AI & machine learning to help you organize and manage your data from a single place. No more app-to-app switching, ads and attention-grabbing social media feeds.

Create better relationships

We use different apps for talking to different people. WhatsApp for the parents, Slack for colleagues, Telegram for friends who are into tech, Instagram for BFFs. Sometimes, it's several apps for the same person.

Stop trying to remember where your conversation ended the last time — and move everything into one carefully organized inbox.

Organize and surf your data with ease

Memri is your private assistant. You can ask it to find the photos you took on your trip to Rome, choose the best one and send it to someone you care about. Or remind you about that website a friend showed you at dinner last month. Or even read you your New Year's resolution — with Memri, all your notes and memories stay organized, safe and useful.

Get to know yourself better

As you go through the day, questions like "how often I went to the gym last month?" or "what was the last thing I sent my colleague for that project?" might pop up in your mind. Memri has got you covered, as it keeps all your data in one place, fully searchable and encrypted.

Contribute, develop

Memri is an open source privacy project that empowers users to take control over their data by managing and storing it in a secure environment where only they can access it.